Interactive Branding

Some of my best branding work comes from already having a personal connection/involvement with the organization/brand/client. If I could require that I spend at least two weeks to a month doing research and interacting with whatever it is I am branding well before I even sketch my first few concepts, I would. Empathy is key for me, to become personally invested long enough to design anything that would speak to the character of the brand.

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Branding For Diversity

First Church of God, under the direction of Bishop Timothy J. Clarke was in need of a new website. The site would be designed to communicate congregation events to members and prospective visitors. The design needed to appeal to the current congregation — which was made up of individuals, families and couples who have been there for a couple of decades. Bishop Clarke also wished to bring in new individuals and not only appeal to them but educate them.

Normally I am not the user, but in this case I was. I fit into at least one target group.

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