Day Four: 30 Day Design Challenge

I’ve been pining for an all black timepiece for some time now, I haven’t found anything I like however, possibly because I have no particular idea of what exactly it is I want. I have articulated it to myself or anyone for that matter. So for my day four entry of this challenge I decided to start sketching some watches. To see what it is that I like or don’t like.

I haven’t sketched anything but wireframes since I left college. My background is in Industrial Design that was my major and I minored in Human Interaction Design formally known to the rest of the world as User Experience Design.

I am rusty for sure but some habits die hard, I can accredit homework assignments of 100 sketches a night to that.

This was a 15min sketch on drawing paper with 0.5 ball point pen. A prodigal industrial designer…2016-01-05 11.44.11 2.jpg

OGiD Phase One Mobile Responsive Interface

Minimum Viable Content

I am not my user or rather target audience but I am my own client. That’s right. I am revamping my own portfolio website. Creating the written content is tedious enough but then there’s curating my content. All of my work to display nicely on any device a potential target audience member can get their hands on to access my website. You know the whole responsive bit which isn’t my immediate concern at the moment.
Unlike most of my projects, I personally don’t have to answer what do I want my target audience to know and what exactly do they want to know? Not just that but: what don’t I want to tell them? Who don’t I want to attract? Who do I want to attract? Continue reading →