Confidence | What makes you a developer.

I am hosting three ScriptEd high school student interns this month. After spending close to a full school year teaching a classroom of 20+ junior and seniors at The High School for Global Citizenship, in Brooklyn, NY how to code in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and Javascript. While a few of my students got placed with other companies this year (and I am very excited for them). There seems to be a universal trend about what makes one a developer:


In order to be considered for an internship this Summer you had to show some tenacity. Basically be curious about what else code can do for you enough to dig deeper. The very moment you set out to do something with code and achieve it. You my friend are a coder.


Our students transition for getting a list of tasks to complete to a list of project requirements. They are learning how to take the various languages they know and making them work together to create a vision for a website, game, software; basically any type of interface sent there way. At this very moment they’re developers but that’s not something they even realize. Why?

Lack of Confidence


Students were asked to fill out a survey after being accepted into the internship program. When asked what they hoped to get out of their internship and what they were afraid of, most answers centered around this fear of failure. I started coding when I was a 14 years old and since I have learned that failing is apart of being a developer. Having the confidence to try something and fail the first time around doesn’t keep you from being called a developer is it when you overcome and you overcome with understanding that makes you a developer. Confidence in your ability is the very thing that stands between you considering yourself a developer.

So I implore you to take on a project/task that intimidates you and conquer it. Take as long as you need but don’t quit. You’re already a developer, I know that but it’s time you knew it too.

Want Proof?

Here’s a blog post from one of my interns after working for me for a week:

I want to start of by thanking Mr.Tom Bijesse for offering me this amazing opportunity to be a ScriptEd Freelance intern. Without him I would not have had an internship this summer. I really appreciate what he did for me. Also, I want to thank my mentor Olivia, for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with her and experience what working within this field is like. In addition, I want to thank the ScriptEd staff,especially Ms. Maurya for introducing ScriptEd to my high school because without her I would not have learned about coding or the computer science field.

This week actually went really great. I had a fun experience co-operating with my co-workers and boss. Personally, I hated the idea of working in groups. However this week has totally changed my idea of working in a group for better of course. During the first week my partners and I were assigned to build one website consisting of five pages for a business in the construction industry. YouTube and Google are my new best friends, without their help I would have struggled a lot.

With the help of my partners and my boss we accomplished a lot along with one main goal to finish the project on time. During this week I have learned more about CSS and HTML. I was able to catch-up on the basics in HTML that I missed during the ScriptEd classes. Today we got to meet with one of the designers who created the design of the website that we were building. We showed him the project and he was happy with our work. However he had a little tweaks that we have to change by tomorrow, other than that he was happy with our work. On top of making a significant amount of progress on the project,I truly can not wait for the weeks to come! I want to learn more and more. I am truly proud of what I am doing right now.

– Adham Kenawy

Your thoughts?

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