Top 5 People to Hire for your New Website

Contrary to popular belief it takes a village to create a beautifully crafted website. Most of my clients take me on thinking that I alone can give them everything they’ll need to brand their company properly. Towards the end of their projects however they each have taken on at least two of the professionals listed below:


Unless you majored in Marketing, English, Journalism, Creative Writing, or Communications you should hire a copywriter. Your written content can make or break you. It is apart of your brand. Your tone, the words you use and don’t use. With so many competitors around you it’s another small thing to set you apart. Greatness is in the details.

Graphic Designer

Hire one for a seamless look for your brand. They will make sure that whatever adorns your website even after it is launch will continue to fit right along with your established brand.


Don’t be cheap, hire a great one. Hire one with a portfolio of work similar to what you need. Don’t hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of your food. Each photographer should have a niche, if they don’t, run! Your photographs should have a similar style or theme that always links back to your brand. Have them work closely with your Graphic Designer.

Ux Web Developer

Notice the “ux” and the mention of “developer” and not “designer”. Chances are that web designer won’t take into consideration how often you need to update your website. They may not even ask you if you want to update it yourself and if you do…well good luck. Find someone that knows about creating user-centered websites and even considers you, the person who has to update their site as a user. Do some research but ask around for those who know how to deliver clean, glorious code that will make search engines like Google happy.


Terms and Conditions page is a must, cover your butt, and reassure those visiting your site. Your lawyer will help you with the terminology and documentation in regards to your company and how your site will be used. As your business grows this page should be updated.

Your thoughts?

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